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1. Impervious Carbon And Graphite Bricks.
    Carbon Bricks are widly used for lining of Reactors and vessels of phophatic fertilisers industry.     Hydrofloric acid  and allied chemical plants More Details & Credentials

2. Impervious Carbon filled Chemically Resistant Cement.
    FURA BOND and PHENO BOND is a self – hardening cement consisting of an inert powder which is mixed with a furane and Phenolic synthetic resin syrup to produce a mortar used for bonding acid – resisting bricks and tiles for acid constructional work. More Details

3. Carbon and Graphite Raschig rings.
    Among various packing materials in the market, carbon / graphite Raschig rings are.. More Details

4. Impervious graphite shapes and sizes
5. graphite ejecters and linned piping
6. pipes and spares for Graphite heat exchangers.
7. Carbon filled resine based cements for repairs.
8. M.S. lined piping with Carbon of sizes to I.S. & A.S.A.
9. Impervious Carbon bricks, tiles and nozzles for linings.
10. Blocks and special shapes for HCL and HF industry.
11. Impervious Graphite pump spares such as impellers.
12. Carbon raschig rings and tower internals of graphite.
13. Imperious graphite ejectors as per drawings.
14. Imperious graphite lining for agitors & dip pipes.
15. Non lubricated rings for turbines and compressors.
16. Metal impregnated bushes to suit Morganite grades.
17. Gunniting with carbon mass for vessele in line.

We can supply impervious Graphite and carbon lined vessels of various sizes and end connections to suit your dimensions and flange sizes etc., in any standards.


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